You’re invited to embark on a journey with me. My personal journey towards living a more fulfilled and purposeful life. I realize that the statement alone can mean a lot of different things to different people, so hopefully this will inspire you.

Out of Balance

My current state is one that is out of balance. I’m a full-time working mother and wife, but sometimes I struggle with neglecting my home duties. I am pursuing my Master’s Degree which requires an extensive amount of time away from my family. I’m attempting to be successful in blogging, and over the past few weeks I’ve found myself overwhelmed and consumed with content creation and formatting the site. Additionally, I’m struggling with anxiety and broken relationships that have kept me up at night (especially during the Holiday season that just passed). My husband and I spent quite a bit of money last year and are currently trying to stay on top of our finances and not add to our debt. It’s all out of balance.

Not a Resolution List…

For centuries, people all over the world celebrate the New Years by creating a Resolution List. For a lot of people, the New Year’s Resolutions start out with good intentions, but fail to keep the momentum throughout the entire year.

Don’t be confused. This isn’t your typical “New Year’s Resolution” post. Rather, a beginning of a journey to seek balance.

Ian Schneider

My Journey: Day 1

Let this be day 1 of the journey ahead. Even as I write this, I’m not too sure exactly what “balance” will look like. But here are a few things that I’d like to achieve during this journey:

  • Strengthen my marriage. Marriage takes work. This year, I (and my husband of course) commit to work harder on our marriage.
  • Living intentionally. What does that mean? I’m on a mission to find out and live with more intention.
  • Live within my means. I am currently over $10k in credit card debt. This has been on account of living beyond my means. Retail therapy, expensive vacations, unnecessary handbags, etc… I’m setting out to eliminate debt this year AND really living within my means.
  • Less (or limited) technology. In our day and age—it is EVERYWHERE. After all, this post was generated via technology. I’m looking for a way for my family to be less consumed in technology. That includes limiting device usage in our home (Netflix binge watching, E’s tablet use, and social media during family time).
  • Focus more on self-love/self-care. This one is vital. By focusing more on taking care of ME and finding a way to love myself, I will become a better wife, mother and friend. Not too sure what that will look like….to be determined…
  • Not holding grudges. I hold on to grudges—hard. I realize that’s not a good way to live. I really believe that finding a way to let go of things easier will help me be happier.
  • Rid myself of all toxins. Toxic food, people, behaviors, attitudes, even friendships. I will begin a journey of eliminating all toxins in my family’s life.

I used these things as a basis for creating my vision board tonight. This will be a work in progress, but one that I am committed to working on as long as it takes. I post this tonight as a way to hold myself accountable and check back often to see how I’m doing against these goals.

What are some of your goals this upcoming year? Share your journey goals in the comments below.



  1. The first step is recognizing that somethings need to change. I’m here to help you get it done! I will encourage you, support your efforts and listen to you when you need a friend.
    The second step is developing a plan and sticking to it!
    Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University is well worth the cost. It will help you pay off debt and get back on track. I’ve done it!

    1. Thanks for the support, Terri! I’m so determined to make this a priority beginning this year and continuing on.

  2. Those are all really great goals that you listed! Especially the self care one! Thats one im constantly working on myself each year!
    My new goal for this year are..
    – braces
    – enroll my daughter into acting, pagent, and a sport.
    – save atleast 10,000
    – gym atleast 4xs week
    – volunteer more, outside of work.
    -pass my state and nationals test for MLO.
    -invest in title liens, 2nd property
    -travel to atleast one foreign country! Hopefully Japan! (:

    I too will check back to this page and hold myself accountable! Thanks candice!!

  3. Hey Candice, I’ve read pretty much everything you have posted on your blog and I have to congratulate you as it is all superbly written. I also commend your bravery. It takes bravery to open one’s life story to others but I know the great relief that comes with doing just that.

    I found it fascinating that you touched on the topic of balance. Balance in everything, is vital as you mentioned. Too much of anything can be bad, I try to be balanced but sometimes we get careless and life obstacles get the best of us. I agree that getting back on track is vital. We all seek balance and I think that identifying the basis of who we are, and what is most important in our lives is the way we find this all so elusive balance. waits for no one, therefore it is always my mission to set my priorities straight daily so that I may not miss out on that which I truly love and what makes me who I am.

    One other thing that stood out to me as I read along was what you eluded to regarding the importance of living with intent and purpose.

    This, in my opinion, is probably the most overlooked and yet the most important point of all.

    I feel that sometimes, our biggest fault as humans in general, is taking things for granted. We take our time with our loved ones for granted, we take our time for granted and so many other things. The things that we take for granted, we often think that these things and/or people that we take for granted will always be there for us to tend to later.

    The lyrics in a 90’s song (yup I had to incorporate the 90’s) by Boyz2Men & Mariah Carey illustrates this best when it states “and I took your presence for granted… but I always cared…” as well as the famous last lines “sorry, I never told you.. all I wanted to say…” Why do I share all this you might ask? Well to me, your statement of living with intent, means that personally, I want to cherish the top 4 things that are most important to me above all else. Without these 4 the rest just doesn’t matter much. They are: Faith, Family, Health & Friends.

    The following story, I will share as a reminder to myself.., to live in the moment as much as possible…

    Okay, so once I watched a show called “Million Dollar Listing/New York” (okay it was more than once, I watched every single episode of every single season along with my wife) well anyway, on the cast of this show was a real estate agent by the name of Luis Ortiz who always smiled and constantly talked about loving life. He was into a wild life style, making tons of cash, partying, no serious relationships and driving Maserati’s. He was only focused on expanding his real estate empire & one day, it turns out he was diagnosed with being on the brink of a heart attack caused by the stressors that his lifestyle had brought forth.

    He stepped away to unwind for some time and what woke him up was being told by someone along the way that for someone who always claimed to be “so in love with life”, it was very odd that he never seemed to be “present in the moment” to enjoy this life that he claimed to love so much.

    Long story short, he quit real estate, quit the show and pursued his true passions. I messaged him twice wishing him well and letting him know that his enthusiasm in business and on the show itself was inspiring but that his soul searching to find out what it is that would make his life feel more fulfilled, was even more inspiring. He replied back thanking me. This story, reminded me to live in the moment. Anywho, gotta run. Great job on this blog, starting these conversations which as you have seen by my short novel on here, have also inspired me to keep these things in mind.

    1. So awesome, Jorge! Thank you for sharing!! I’m so happy that this speaks to you on a personal level!!! ?