It was the end of 2017, and Candice realized her soul was broken. She was about 4 years into her motherhood when she realized she wasn’t showing up as the best version of herself not only as a mom—but as a wife, sister and friend. It took one single question that sent her into this journey of getting back into her passion of writing to define her personal story.  In December 2017, Candice hit publish for the first time on a new blog titled “A Musing Momma.”

A Musing Momma is the platform and online community that started out as a blog for mommas to connect and go deeper in their conversations around being a mother in today’s world. With discussions like “fears we have as mommas” or “comparisons we make as a mom,” A Musing Momma provides a space for moms to explore parts of their life that they otherwise aren’t able to talk about.
Today, you can connect with the community by enjoying blog posts, listen and be a part of podcast episodes and meet and chat with other like minded mommas in the closed FB group. Coming soon will be other opportunities to connect and learn through workshops/webinars and live events where you can come face to face with other Musing Mommas. Get on the email list for many of those upcoming opportunities!

To inspire women to embrace their worth, chase their passions and find their community.

I know I have a story to tell, and I love my story. My story empowers me to love my journey and how I’ve gotten to this point today.

I know that it takes a village to raise a child. No one can do it all alone; we shouldn't have to. My community encourages and uplifts me.

I strive to live with purpose and intention every day, because that is when I can enjoy the everyday moments as a momma.

At the end of the day, I know I am worthy. I was created for a purpose, and I embrace my passions to live each day full of worth and purpose.