Start here. What’s in it for you?


As I’m on the journey of self-reflection and intention, a couple of questions continue to cross my mind.

  1.       Am I creating content worth sharing?
  2.       Is there a clear message around WHY you should follow and read?

Since I haven’t formally made my intentions clear, allow me to explain…

It is my intention to share authentic, real things with you in the hopes of inspiring you. A wife and momma first, an influencer second—my goal is to inspire and connect people from all kinds of industries, businesses, and communities.

I want give a space for creativity and collaboration. We’ve all got thoughts and ideas in our minds…Let this be our space….I’ll start the conversation, and you’re encouraged to participate in the dialogue. Your voice matters. This is the space for your voice to be heard. I want to give an outlet for other working moms and dads to promote themselves, find support and just be able to connect with other like-minded individuals.

I remember as a new working mom, I found solace in the community of other working moms via social media groups and parenting blogs. It is my hope that this becomes your place to connect and not feel so alone.

Because, let’s be honest….sometimes life puts you through some crazy things and you are left to think: “Is it just me? Am I the only one who is struggling with this? Everyone else has it all figured out.”

My friends, they don’t. No one has it all figured out, and this blog is meant to pull back the curtain to expose the realness of life as a working parent.

It occurred to me the other day that I haven’t clearly laid out my intentions of this project. Rather, what’s in it for you? So, to summarize:

  • Connection and support
  • Parenting, Professional, Relational, Emotional advice
  • Collaboration
  • Authenticity
  • Community

I do hope you’ll join and connect with me! Let’s start a conversation….

You liking the content so far? Share your thoughts below in the comments!

Not your typical New Year’s Resolution List

You’re invited to embark on a journey with me. My personal journey towards living a more fulfilled and purposeful life. I realize that the statement alone can mean a lot of different things to different people, so hopefully this will inspire you.

Out of Balance

My current state is one that is out of balance. I’m a full-time working mother and wife, but sometimes I struggle with neglecting my home duties. I am pursuing my Master’s Degree which requires an extensive amount of time away from my family. I’m attempting to be successful in blogging, and over the past few weeks I’ve found myself overwhelmed and consumed with content creation and formatting the site. Additionally, I’m struggling with anxiety and broken relationships that have kept me up at night (especially during the Holiday season that just passed). My husband and I spent quite a bit of money last year and are currently trying to stay on top of our finances and not add to our debt. It’s all out of balance.

Not a Resolution List…

For centuries, people all over the world celebrate the New Years by creating a Resolution List. For a lot of people, the New Year’s Resolutions start out with good intentions, but fail to keep the momentum throughout the entire year.

Don’t be confused. This isn’t your typical “New Year’s Resolution” post. Rather, a beginning of a journey to seek balance.

Ian Schneider

My Journey: Day 1

Let this be day 1 of the journey ahead. Even as I write this, I’m not too sure exactly what “balance” will look like. But here are a few things that I’d like to achieve during this journey:

  • Strengthen my marriage. Marriage takes work. This year, I (and my husband of course) commit to work harder on our marriage.
  • Living intentionally. What does that mean? I’m on a mission to find out and live with more intention.
  • Live within my means. I am currently over $10k in credit card debt. This has been on account of living beyond my means. Retail therapy, expensive vacations, unnecessary handbags, etc… I’m setting out to eliminate debt this year AND really living within my means.
  • Less (or limited) technology. In our day and age—it is EVERYWHERE. After all, this post was generated via technology. I’m looking for a way for my family to be less consumed in technology. That includes limiting device usage in our home (Netflix binge watching, E’s tablet use, and social media during family time).
  • Focus more on self-love/self-care. This one is vital. By focusing more on taking care of ME and finding a way to love myself, I will become a better wife, mother and friend. Not too sure what that will look like….to be determined…
  • Not holding grudges. I hold on to grudges—hard. I realize that’s not a good way to live. I really believe that finding a way to let go of things easier will help me be happier.
  • Rid myself of all toxins. Toxic food, people, behaviors, attitudes, even friendships. I will begin a journey of eliminating all toxins in my family’s life.

I used these things as a basis for creating my vision board tonight. This will be a work in progress, but one that I am committed to working on as long as it takes. I post this tonight as a way to hold myself accountable and check back often to see how I’m doing against these goals.

What are some of your goals this upcoming year? Share your journey goals in the comments below.



Why I waited….for Graduate School

I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree from ASU back in 2010. I was in my early 20’s at the time and working a full time job at a bank as a Personal Banker. At the time, I lived paycheck to paycheck and didn’t have any idea of what I wanted to do with my life. I remember graduating with a degree in Communication and thinking that my dream job was to work in New York City as a writer for a famous magazine. Boy, how my plans changed….

During the time of my graduation, there was a theory that it was best to continue on to Graduate School. The thought process there was…”you might as well finish it now before you have to start paying school loans.” Plenty of 20-somethings were continuing on to Grad School to be finished by their mid 20’s. However, my pathway was a little different. I waited 6 years before the idea of Grad School even slightly appeared in my dreams. I finish my program in March of 2018, and I would argue to anyone that it is best to take a break and enjoy some time off before going to Grad School. Here are the top 5 reasons why it was better for me to wait…for Graduate School.

1. You get a mental and physical break

This one is a given. After spending four long years of late night study jam sessions and memorizing Modern Language Association (MLA) format, you deserve some time off. It will feel good to give paper writing a rest and not have to read from textbooks that you spent a fortune on (and will never use again).

2. You can start to pay back school loans

Now that you’ve graduated, you’ll have a 6 month grace period before you go into repayment status. If you were strategic, you would have saved up money during school to begin paying back the school loans. Either way, you’ll need to pay down a substantial portion of your school loans if you are looking to take out more when you decide to pursue Grad School.

3. You can experience life events

You now have all the extra time to go out, have dates, plan weddings, perhaps have a baby (or two). Without having to constantly worry about school work, you can actually enjoy time spent with family, friends and other loved ones.

4. You can find out what you are passionate about

9 times out of 10 (figuratively speaking), what you studied during your Undergrad years won’t actually turn out to be a subject that you are passionate about (or even able to make a living out of). For instance, a degree in “General Studies” is fantastic, but what career does it lead you to? Post graduation, you can start expanding on topics that began to peak your interest during your Undergrad experience. You can try different hobbies out, travel, and meet people to truly discover what it is that drives your passion.

5. You gain personal and professional experience

Arguably the BEST reason to wait for Grad School is that you have the time to gain personal and professional experience. During my current Master’s program, my school work was 10X easier to complete because I had knowledge to pull from past experiences in the jobs that I’ve had. My professional experience and job roles that I have held with my current employer gave me insight and knowledge necessary to excel in my program.

If you are a recent college graduate and considering Grad School, it makes sense to wait a few years before continuing on. If you have been putting off going back to school, give yourself credit because of all the experience you’ve gained during the time you’ve been out of school. Either way, taking a break in between studies can help you rejuvenate and really find your passion before you enter Grad School.

Here’s to picking up that textbook and diving right in to studies!