6 years ago, I was cruising up the corporate ladder as a working woman. I became a leader in my organization, and I thought I knew exactly where I wanted to go in my career. However, all my plans changed on March 4, 2014. Why is that day so important in my story, you ask? Well, sister– that was first day that I wasn’t only a working woman, but a working momma.

For so long, I thought that being a working momma meant I needed to be one person at work and a completely other person at home– as mom. I felt like the two titles could never combine. But, what if there’s a way to integrate the two? What if I could share my story in a way that connects us all as mothers. Because, at the end of the day– connection is what we all want. We all want to feel joined together in this raw, real and incredible journey that is motherhood.

The cool thing about this is that YOU, too can break free from constraints that hold you back from living life to your full potential as a momma. Discover your personal story by getting intentional on what YOU want out of life as a momma; is it to get that next promotion? Land that next deal? Start that new project? Or maybe it’s to be the fiercest and most badass momma there is. You get to choose; you get to write YOUR own story.

You're one step away from finding your community & embracing your true worth as a momma!