EP33: A voice for the work FROM home

momma w/Sarah Hoag (Sarah Hoag Photography)

We hear about the work away from home mommas, the stay at home mommas– but what about those who are somewhere in-between– the work FROM home mommas? Sarah Hoag represents this working momma who has spent years building her business as a photographer from her home while raising three children.

Candice and Sarah chat about this under-talked about topic of mothers who stay at home while working on a business, working remote or just simply work FROM home while raising their children. Sarah touches on the challenges, the misconceptions of working mommas and the fears that we have as moms. They also chat about mom guilt and the message that you aren’t alone in your loneliness as a momma.

Connect with Sarah @sarahoagphotography on all social media and at www.sarahhoagphotography.com

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