EP34: The Unspoken World of Motherhood w/Sonnet + Veronica (Not Your Mother’s Podcast)

Asking yourself questions like, “am I doing this momma thing right,” “am I the only one feeling this way,” or even “what can I do to not FAIL my child” are some of the most typical questions that we ALL are asking ourselves, but….WHY DON’T WE TALK MORE OPENLY ABOUT IT? 

This week, we meet Sonnet Simmons and Veronica Frieling of Not your Mother’s Podcast as they share some of the most common unspoken moments of motherhood. Candice, Sonnet and Veronica tackle topics like the identity shift that you experience when you first become a mother, how to ‘rise to the occasion in your motherhood,’ and embracing where you are at as a mother. These ladies don’t fail to inspire as they share their own experiences as new mothers (both children under 2) and what they’ve come to learn as a result of their podcast.

Check out Not your Mother’s Podcast by heading to their site www.notyourmotherspodcast.co and on social media @sonnetmusic and @veronicamoralesfrieling and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/notyourmotherspodcast.co/

Connect with Candice on social media @amusingmomma and on her website www.candicestenger.com

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