EP37: Finding the joy in where you’re at in motherhood
w/Sophia Martinez (Screws+Sparkles)

Sophia Martinez believes in the stay at home momma. So much so, that she has created a store dedicated to helping the stay at home momma with the side business have a space to sell their goods and products.

Candice and Sophia talk about the ambitious momma and what it looks like to pursue your passion projects despite what fears and other restraints that might be holding you back. Sophia gets honest as she shares her story of transitioning from a stay at home momma with a dream to sell refurnished furniture to a full-time business owner in the successful Screws + Sparkles store in Buckeye, AZ.

If you’re a creative with a dream of chasing that passion, this is the episode for you!

Connect with Sophia on social media @screwsandsparkles and in person at the store found at 425 Monroe Ave, Buckeye, AZ 85326.

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