EP40: Stop making excuses for what’s holding you back. CHOOSE the life you live now.

Here’s the thing– whatever you perceive to be holding you back is what you’ve CHOSEN to believe. If you CHOOSE to believe something is holding you back, then you can just as easily CHOOSE to believe that you can break free from that restraint.

It’s all in your mind, momma. You have chosen to believe the thing that is holding you back. Now that we’ve realized this– let’s stop making excuses and CHOOSE to live the life you want in your motherhood.

Listen in as Candice shares how you have the power to CHOOSE for your life.

  • TIME holding you back? CHOOSE to prioritize your time, momma. Schedule in time for yourself… DO IT NOW, and make no excuses. Just as we schedule in our kids activities, work time and doctor appointments– YOU MUST SCHEDULE IN TIME to dedicate to your passion project.
  • MONEY holding you back? CHOOSE the ways you spend (and save) your money. This might mean budgeting a little tighter, or finding ways to supplement additional income. CHOOSE the ways to bring in, save and spend your money.
  • LACK OF RESOURCES holding you back? As Marie Forleo says– “everything is figureoutable” meaning: you have no excuse because you can find literally anything online, in your local library or through your colleagues and network contacts. CHOOSE to find a way to figure out the resources you do have.

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