EP38: Set some boundaries, momma!

EP38: Set some boundaries, momma!

What does setting boundaries look like in your motherhood? We’re so quick to set boundaries for our little ones– but when it comes down to it, do YOU have healthy boundaries set that you follow?

Candice talks about what it looks like to set healthy boundaries in your motherhood, especially when it comes to our usage of technology. Take the challenge that Candice throws out for setting ONE boundary in your motherhood… get accountability by posting your boundary to social media and tagging Candice @amusingmomma. 


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EP35: Leading by example through healthy food choices w/Stephanie Lucas

EP35: Leading by example through healthy food choices w/Stephanie Lucas

In a world of busy lives and constant rush, dinnertime can be a place to slow down and connect as a family. As a mother, you have the opportunity to teach your children about healthy eating habits by the food that you choose to share with your family.

Candice chats with Registered Dietitian and Executive Director of Give Garden, Stephanie Lucas about the power that healthy eating can have in your motherhood and life with your family. Stephanie shares tips and ideas that can help you lead by example with your kids in food choices and living a healthy lifestyle. They also chat about mindful motherhood, growth mindset and having a strong partnership with your spouse or partner.

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EP34: The Unspoken World of Motherhood w/Sonnet + Veronica (Not your Mother’s Podcast)

EP34: The Unspoken World of Motherhood w/Sonnet + Veronica (Not Your Mother’s Podcast)

Asking yourself questions like, “am I doing this momma thing right,” “am I the only one feeling this way,” or even “what can I do to not FAIL my child” are some of the most typical questions that we ALL are asking ourselves, but….WHY DON’T WE TALK MORE OPENLY ABOUT IT? 

This week, we meet Sonnet Simmons and Veronica Frieling of Not your Mother’s Podcast as they share some of the most common unspoken moments of motherhood. Candice, Sonnet and Veronica tackle topics like the identity shift that you experience when you first become a mother, how to ‘rise to the occasion in your motherhood,’ and embracing where you are at as a mother. These ladies don’t fail to inspire as they share their own experiences as new mothers (both children under 2) and what they’ve come to learn as a result of their podcast.

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CATALYST FOR MOMS SUMMIT 2019 Presented by A Musing Momma

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EP33: A voice for the work FROM home momma w/Sarah Hoag (Sarah Hoag Photography)

EP33: A voice for the work FROM home

momma w/Sarah Hoag (Sarah Hoag Photography)

We hear about the work away from home mommas, the stay at home mommas– but what about those who are somewhere in-between– the work FROM home mommas? Sarah Hoag represents this working momma who has spent years building her business as a photographer from her home while raising three children.

Candice and Sarah chat about this under-talked about topic of mothers who stay at home while working on a business, working remote or just simply work FROM home while raising their children. Sarah touches on the challenges, the misconceptions of working mommas and the fears that we have as moms. They also chat about mom guilt and the message that you aren’t alone in your loneliness as a momma.

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EP31: Pursuing your passion in motherhood w/Nickie Snyder (The Things She Does Podcast)

EP31: Pursuing your passion in motherhood w/Nickie Snyder (The Things She Does Podcast)

This week, we meet Nickie Snyder of The Things She Does Podcast and learn how women can “pursue their passion and make it work” when faced with the many duties you have as momma. If you’ve ever wondered how you can chase your passion, be a mom, wife and friend at the same time– tune into this week’s episode!

Candice and Nickie chat passions we have as mommas, motherhood across cultures and judgments that we sometimes make to other moms. Additionally, Nickie gets vulnerable and honest with her experience with postpartum depression in an effort to encourage other moms to not feel alone.

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Lemonade stands and an entrepreneurial spirit…Sarah’s story

I picture her as that young ambitious six-year-old sitting in the front yard at a lemonade stand. You know the one. The kid who had all of the elaborate ideas and wanted more than any typical six-year-old would have imagined.

Although I never knew her back then, Sarah Moore has a strong entrepreneurial spirit that I feel so lucky to get to know through this project.

A high school English teacher by day, momma when she gets home, and creative writer by night—Sarah is on her way to success as she pursues her ultimate passion as an author and blogger.

Credit: Studio SPC

On defining passion…

“[Passion] is that one small voice that won’t leave you alone…and it keeps you going even when you don’t want to.” To Sarah, passion is an urge that, no matter how hard she tried—she couldn’t ignore. In fact, Sarah mentioned that she’s started three different novels before she got to the one that she wanted to really write about. “I’ve even tried to avoid it sometimes, because it’s hard…to get into that book especially with a toddler running around, and that’s the reason I have the blog…”

She goes on to say, “I am not in an entrepreneurial field, and I keep coming back to [the fact that] I want to do something more, and teaching is a real intense job…and some people think I’m crazy for adding another thing to that, but it just brings me to life….and it won’t leave me alone.”

At what point did you know you were passionate about writing?

For Sarah, being a creative writer has been like a calling. It’s what she was meant to do. “Since I was a kid, I use to write stories…I use to tell stories, even if it wasn’t writing—I was involved in a lot of theater, I always had a vivid imagination, I would come up with these wild [stories] on my own—so whether I was writing it down or a little radio show I did as a little kid…no matter what medium I was using, I’ve always been interested in stories and other people’s experiences.” Sarah’s experience as a high school English teacher has helped her be able to hone in on her true passion for writing. “There would be times when I was teaching and giving a test, and a story would come to me and I just had to start writing it down.”


Credit: Studio SPC

Being a working momma and wife, pursuing Sarah’s passion hasn’t always been easy. As most would expect, life responsibilities sometimes get in the way of being able to chase that passion. For Sarah, it was no different.

“Finding time and being creative in that time is an obstacle because once I come home, I want to give my full attention to my toddler.”

The challenge of time and balancing work/life balance is the biggest challenge for Sarah. Having a small amount of time in between weekend naps and running the household would create limited time for Sarah to be creative and work on her novel.

Support System-

Having a strong support system is important for when the challenges become too hard to bear. “The biggest supporter, biggest cheerleader is my husband because even with all the stupid things I’ve tried [in the past], he’s always 100% supportive of each one of those things.”

At your inner core—who are you?

Defining who you are at your inner core takes some reflection inwardly. When asked the question, Sarah did not hesitate to provide an answer that really sheds like into the type of person she truly is. At her inner core, Sarah is a dreamer and creative thinker. “I am always somewhere in my imagination to think of a new idea trying to [make] a difference.” She goes on, “I want to make a difference. I want to help people and I dream to do that…I think my passion helps me with that.”

A novel in the making…

Sarah’s passion revolves around putting her creative imagination to work in a fictional novel that she is currently working on. Without giving away too much about it, the story will involve suspense, intrigue and a bit of history. “It’s weird when you put it out there—that you are writing—and it’s going so slow, but I am still sticking with it. It’s kinda like, ‘I’ve gotta do this,’ but it keeps me going…keeps me writing.”

Staying focused and intentional, Sarah has been working towards a lifetime dream of magnifying her creative side. While the future is never promised, Sarah embraces the pathway she has taken as a working momma and creative writer. “Just because I’m choosing right now to write this novel, to work my job and then blog—that doesn’t mean that’s where it’s going to stay.” Indeed, Sarah is headed down the path of truly chasing and living her passion.

About Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore is the blogger behind The Marlett Manuscript, an Ohio-based blog intended to highlight her love for non-toxic beauty and inspiration. Sarah is a full-time high school English teacher and military spouse with one 2-year-old daughter, Emilia—who is her “miracle baby”. After years of infertility, Sarah and husband became pregnant after IVF treatment and were even given low probability of a successful pregnancy. She uses her blog to document her journey as a mom and provide tips and things to make life easier as a working/career mom. You can find Sarah on Instagram @themarlettmanuscript and the blog at www.themarlettmanuscript.com


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