EP35: Leading by example through healthy food choices w/Stephanie Lucas

EP35: Leading by example through healthy food choices w/Stephanie Lucas

In a world of busy lives and constant rush, dinnertime can be a place to slow down and connect as a family. As a mother, you have the opportunity to teach your children about healthy eating habits by the food that you choose to share with your family.

Candice chats with Registered Dietitian and Executive Director of Give Garden, Stephanie Lucas about the power that healthy eating can have in your motherhood and life with your family. Stephanie shares tips and ideas that can help you lead by example with your kids in food choices and living a healthy lifestyle. They also chat about mindful motherhood, growth mindset and having a strong partnership with your spouse or partner.

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EP30: What to do when your inner critic attacks you, momma

EP30: What to do when your inner critic attacks you, momma

You are constantly talking to yourself, momma. Have you stopped to reflect on the dialogue of negative self-talk that you’ve got brewing in your mind? You’d be surprised by how often you are putting yourself down.

Join Candice as she talks about what to do when you realize your inner voice is negative and doubt creeps into your mind. She gives three tips on how to overcome the challenge of negative self-talk, because…let’s be honest. It happens more often than we’d like to admit.

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EP32: Dream BIG, momma!

Episode 32: Dream BIG, momma! 

What does YOUR dream look like, momma? Now- take that dream and dream even BIGGER. What does THAT look like?

For some of us, dreaming big might be difficult. After all, we’re busy mommas with kids, work, home life and balancing it all out. But, what if you gave yourself the space and permission to dream on the biggest scale possible?

Listen in as Candice shares her experience with dreaming big and provides some tips on HOW you can start to visualize yourself chasing after that dream this year.

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